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Welcome to Salviaonline where we sell the highest quality magic mushroom spores and spore vials anywhere in the world. We made our name being the UK’s first Salvia Divinorum retailer and wholesaler but since Salvia Divinorum products were banned in the UK in 2015 under the New Psychoactive substances Bill we have had to change our product offering. Our customers have always been interested in collecting magic mushrooms spores for research purposes, so we have spent the last few years carefully sourcing the highest quality products and offering them at the best possible prices. Our range of magic shroom spores include very famous strains such as Golden Teacher and B+ but we also have an excellent range of lesser known strains such as Mazatapec and Ben Hua Thai mushroom spores. We also sell 2 strains of psychedelic truffle spores, Pollock and Georgia Atlantis.

Even though there has been much news and research regarding the use of hallucinogens to help people with a variety of medical issues the law in the UK is very clear – GROWING OR POSSESSING MAGIC MUSHROOMS IS ILLEGAL IN THE UK.

We only sell our spores for collection and research purposes. That is to say, it is perfectly legal to possess magic mushroom spores to look at under a microscope or to store in order to preserve the genetics of that particular strain. What you must not do is attempt to grow mushrooms from these spores. WE CANNOT DISCUSS GROWING MUSHROOMS AND WILL NOT DO SO. If we think you intend to use the spores to break the law we will not be able to sell them to you

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