Buy magic mushrooms spores with bitcoin – 20% discount

pay by bitcoin

Buy magic mushrooms spores with bitcoin and get an incredible 20% discount!

Here at we stock the highest quality magic mushrooms spores you can buy and we can we are very pleased to be able to offer 20% discount when you pay by bitcoin, bitcoin cash or litecoin.

Cryptocurrencies (the name for digital currency such as bitcoin) are getting easier and easier to buy and use and are a brilliant way of paying for things online as it can all be done from an APP and it offers much more privacy than using your bank.

What do you need to do to pay for magic mushrooms spores with bitcoin?

1. Get a Bitcoin wallet and buy some bitcoin

A bitcoin wallet is a place where you store your Bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies) and is also the place you can send or receive bitcoins to and from. You can also often buy bitcoin through the provider of your bitcoin wallet using either a bank transfer or credit card. The leading providors of these bitcoin wallets often have accompanying apps that you can download to your phone.

Here are some leading providers of bitcoin wallets who offer you the ability to purchase bitcoins as well

2. Choose bitcoin at checkout and send us a bitcoin payment

Once you have the Bitcoins (or fractions of bitcoins) in your wallet then you can send payment to anyone with a bitcoin wallet address anywhere in the world securely and privately.

When you checkout of your online shop you will have the option to choose a payment method and at this point you select ‘PAY BY CRYPTOCURRENCY’ and you will be presented with a cryptocurrency payment screen like the image below

pay by bitcoin

If you are using an app to send us Bitcoin it will probably have a QR code reader which you can just hold against the screen and it will take our address and the amount to be paid and then ask you to confirm that you wish to send. If you don’t have a QR code reader you can copy and paste the Bitcoin address where you need to send the payment as well as the amount of bitcoin you need to send.

When you are happy that you have the address to send to and the amount to send you can confirm tat you wish to send it from your wallet. Once the payment has sent it will take a few minutes for the Bitcoin network to confirm that the payment has been received and your order will be completed

Its very easy to use once you have given it a go and the 20% saving plus the increased privacy make it worthwhile

If you have any questions just give us a shout


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