What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that you can use to make purchases from anywhere in the world where the seller accepts bitcoin.

Discount when you pay with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency – 20% OFF!

We believe that cryptocurrency is the future, especially in an industry like ours where the banks try and stop us operating even when we are 100% legal. We love cyptocurrency so much that if you pay for your order with Bitcoin then we will give you an incredible 20% DISCOUNT on your order price.

How to get bitcoin

The easiest way we have found to get bitcoin is to go to, create an account, get verified

Watch this video tutorial to show you how to get set up

Once you have set up and verified your coinbase account you will be able to buy bitcoins using a debit card.

Now you have bitcoins in your account you can send a bitcoin payment to any bitcoin address in the world.

How to pay us with bitcoin?

When you select bitcoin as your payment option you get a 20% discount and then your new order total plus:

  • The amount in bitcoins you need to send us
  • A unique bitcoin address to send the payment to which corresponds with your order

Send the payment

  • Log into your coinbase account
  • Click on ‘send bitcoins’
  • Copy and paste the amount of bitcoins to send
  • Copy and paste the bitcoin wallet address you have been given into the bitcoin address box
  • Click send!

What next?

It will take a short amount of time for your order to confirm on the bitcoin network and then we will be ready to ship your order