We stock the full range of female cannabis seeds from the Flying Dutchman seed company which includes coffeeshop classics such as Skunk no.1 and White widow. They also have some really nice strains of their own that have stood the test of time and are very popular today such as Dutch Delight and Dame Blanche.
Greenhouse female seeds The Greenhouse Seed Company is one of the first seed companies to grow marijuana commercially from
Holland. In 1986 they began their pedigree breeding program to develop new seed strains. Greenhouse Seeds aim was to develop stronger different flavoured strains to what the market currently offered providing the consumer with a greater variety. Greenhouse now has an enormously varied and high quality range of female cannabis seeds including photoperiod female seeds and an ever increasing range of Autofem strains Joint doctors Lowryder female seeds

The Joint Doctor was the originator of Autoflowering cannabis genetics and his strains are still popular today with many seed collectors. The beauty of autoflowering cannabis seeds is that they produce plants that begin to flower after 3 weeks regardless of sunlight hours and are finished in a round 10 weeks from sprouting. The first strain to do this was the Joint Doctors Lowryder which is sadly no longer available but the quality of genetics has improved over time and the Joint Doctor now has an excellent range of female cannabis seeds

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