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    very easy to use website will update when get in the post (uk based)

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    I bought a vial, put it into 3 different jars and never had any result. Dubs

  • sal

    tons of visible spores to the naked eye and many more when viewing under a microscope. very high quality product

  • bazz

    best spores i have bought for this particular truffle strain. i will always buy from these guys from now on a delivery is fats and the prices are great

  • Simon

    The Sporemate vials contain the best spores. They always remain viable for a long time. They are the best microscopy spores available in the UK in my opinion.

  • Aztec Ape (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery. Great product with nice spores. Strong, healthy and well contained in the vial.

  • angus

    i bought the king oyster spores and used them with a myco box i bought elsewhere. the syringe was easy to use and was obviously packed with tons of viable spores as i got a real bumper harvest of delicious oyster shrooms!

  • Jack magic

    best website in the Uk for Magic Mushroom spores from my experience. the spores they sell come in a glass vial with a separate syringe which seems to increase the chance of viable spores. i have stored them in the fridge for 3+ months and they have still been fine

  • psymon scybin

    Bought Golden Teacher spores many times from these guys and they always do exactly what they should do.

  • Will W

    ordered these on Friday afternoon, paid by bank transfer to get a 10% discount and they are with me today (Saturday morning). Brilliant service, the packaging is very discreet and the product looks to be of a very high quality. thanks guys!

  • Max Kaizna

    Ever since i went to Amsterdam in the mid 90’s i have been interested in magic truffles so when i discovered i could buy them to look at under a microscope back here in the UK i gave it a go. I have tried both strains and they are equally lovely to look at under magnification and they store brilliantly well in their glass vials if kept in the fridge.

  • andy h

    have been buying spores from these guys for years. The b+ and Golden teacher are probably my favourite strains. Salviaonline always delivery quickly and the quality of the spores vials is miles ahead of everyone else i have used. keep up the good work!

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  • ★★★★★

    Chris Churchman

    Easy ordering & fast delivery with good communication. Looking forward to analysing the spores. Thumbs up !

  • ★★★★★


    First time SalviaOnline buyer here. Incredible delivery time and great package quality! Order Friday morning, received them early Saturday morning. All x4 Golden Teacher vials I purchased have plenty of spores. I’m sure to shop with them again!

  • ★★★★★


    awesome service with next day delivery which was free as i spent over £40. i would definitly recommend!

  • ★★★★★

    Danny G

    Great range of mushroom spores for my microscopy hobby. I have nearly all the strains in my collection and i can confirm that all the different spores look great under my microscope lol

  • ★★★★★


    I have been using this site for years and i find that their spore solutions have tons of live spores in them even when i have stored the in my own fridge for a number of months. Fast delivery and good prices too

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